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What is Civic Hacking?

Hye-rim, Nao, Mee, Ssingk, Dali and Naomo


Introducing the concept, civic-hacking to Korea.


Isabel, Chihao, pm5, Polin, Yun-chen, Stella, Nao

*Common process

Being angry at social or political problem / Figuring out the needs for something

-> Identify the problem and describe my emotion

-> Address the issue

-> See what I can hack or Find people who are also angry and who know how to hack

-> Create the prototype

-> Build online or digital solution that can be used


1. Collaboration & Contribution

“Hacking people’s mind to make them participate”
“Everyone who wants to can join”

1) Isabel’s example of Digital data archive about Taiwanese in the United States.

: There had been documents about Taiwan stacked in the US. And government people took photos and digitalized it to keep it. And here, they gather Taiwanese students to teach how to take photo and made them to contribute.

2) PM5’s example of Website contributing on preservation of Taiwanese language.

: There was a researcher who was angry at Taiwanese government’s policy on Taiwanese language but she didn’t know what to do and thought she didn’t have any skill set for that. But PM5 listened to her to figure out what she wants and built the website to contain the stories on it. It has opened to public and people came to contribute and refine it.

3) g0v’s example of making stickers from this event

: It could make people participate in even for some people who think they don’t have any skill.

4) Jothon

: G0V civic tech grant: It starts in 2017 20 different projects. Grant of 10thousand USD.

2. Responsible but Cool

“‘Civic’ sounds serious, ‘Hacking’ sounds cool"

1) Responsible: Polin’s definition and motivation

:There’s serious political problem in Taiwan with China. So his motivation was serious and closely related to survival of nation.

2) PM5’s motivation to join g0v

: In the typhoon season, some factories let toxic chemical water flow to rain. He found it as a problem. So he started the open source project to make the timeline about it with crawling it to wikipedia. It is serious.

3) Cool: We are here to meet & hack, share the opinions

3. Small but Strong

1) Lisa: It affects me daily life.

2) Yun-chen: for the people, by the people and of the people


The process or technical thinking itself to make people participate and solve their own big and small problems.

If you want to participate to define what is civic hacking, please sign up for Parti.xyz and add some more examples or definitions. Thank you

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wildjcrt hi May
I'm Jerry 🦀
I've found some articles talking about what is civic hacking.
* https://opengovdata.io/2014/civic-hacking/
* https://www.codeforamerica.org/blog/2013/05/06/what-is-a-civic-hacker/
* https://hackyourcity.com/2014/02/09/how-to-get-started-in-civic-hacking/
Also, I think Code for Japan website has a block "WHAT WE DO" explained clearly with nice picture.
wildjcrt For me, I think we all love our country and want to make it better. It's not only for us but also for next generation
Civic Hacking sounds cool and complex, but it could also be usual and simple. There is a question: have you used an unusual way to solve problem for life? Civic is about life things and hacking means using your idea, finding alternative way to do something. If your answer is yes,
wildjcrt There are two examples
1. Skill stickers
In hackathon, we always need to know others' skills. In the beginning, we just write it down on badge. Later on a designer hack it to be skill stickers.
2. Food for homelessness
There are some NGOs in Taiwan bring donated food to homelessness everyday. They found it's not effective if different NGO deliver at the
hyerimay @wildjcrt Hi Jerry! Welcome to Parti.!🎉 So basically you consider any people who want to solve the big and small(maybe daily) problem in different or creative way as a civic hacker, right? :) Let me add it to my content too. Also thank you for the specific examples. So glad to see u here and if there are any more things that you want to add, please! :) Thank you for your thoughtful opinions.
wildjcrt @hyerimay yes. I found some people consider `hack` is cool or hard but it's actually not. Everyone could become civic hacker. :)
hyerimay This is what you've showed to me before on FB, right? I can develop it later. Thanks a lot.
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